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  • Catherine Bell

What Wedding Planning Means to Us.

Weddings are about two people. Two people meeting each other that the most perfect time in life. Two people feeling more love than they can contain, and two people who want nothing more in life to spend the rest of their time on this earth married to their one and only.

This means that during this incredibly exciting time where everyone around you couldn’t be more excited for you, and giving you all of their opinions and advice, you didn’t ask for, that the focus remains on the two people who are making this wedding possible.

This is where we step in and live for wedding planning! We want all of your guest to leave and just think “WOW! That was so them!” Does that mean your favorite color is yellow and you need pops of that everywhere? Maybe it means you are way into Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, or other out of this world realities. Let’s be honest, maybe it is that your dream wedding is one where you have chick-fil-a on the Cape, or any of the beaches in the New England Coast! We want to bring your reality to life, even if mom doesn’t understand, but don’t worry mom... we promise it won’t seem like a themed birthday party!

Whatever speaks to you and your fiancée we want to be there for you every step of the way. We want you to feel like your best you on your biggest day and not just a guest! We will be there to help manage your vendors, to hear your voice, to work on keeping the peace in a time where opinions and voices are so loud and abundant.

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Wedding Planning for the Unique at Heart

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