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  • Catherine Bell

Welcome to the Magical World of Wedding Planning!

We love finding the right fitting client for us, and ultimately finding the right fit for you! Wedding planners are someone you will spend hours and hours working with, not to mention we are the ones you spend the most time with on your wedding day.

We have to admit finding the right client for us, is someone we become friends with. Let’s get drinks, have puppy play dates, or just simply stalk each other on social media. For us working with you means having a new friend. We want to not only be apart of your big day, but still feel all of the joy and excitement in your day. We love to laugh with you in your vows because he said something outlandish, or cry as your maid of honor brings up a difficult life moment you had together. We cannot get enough of getting to know you!

A huge added benefit of us knowing you, we can fully think for you on your day. Was there a slight adjustment and someone needs to make a split decision that is exactly what you would have chosen? That’s why we love not only being your planner but being your friend, because we can, with confidence, make those decisions.

The best way to do this is to be completely honest with you. It can only help this relationship if we are so transparent with you! We can admit, we love Harry Potter, our pets are our kiddos, and we love some reality TV. Is it super cool that we do/think that? Well maybe not, but we are that perfect puzzle piece for some, and we want to fit that.

For us planning your wedding isn’t our “job” it is what fuels our soul and lights our hearts on Fire.

A wedding planner helping with some final details for a brides outfit
We love helping our couples with their final touches!

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