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Partial Planning

A La Cart Services

This is really up to you in what you are wanting. This is great if you aren't sure how to make your design come together, or catering choices have just gotten a little more intense than you thought they might be. We handle the areas you need help with like a full plan, so we do the research for you and set up meetings.

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Partial Planning

It’s All in the Details

The typical areas that we help in are:

  • Designs (rentals, florist, and overall look)

  • Catering (Reception dinner and desserts)

  • DJ/Photographer (finding the right one that works with you)

This includes everything you see in the 60 Day Planning and the following depending on which area you need help in:

  • Unlimited communication leading up to wedding day

  • Vendor assistance in areas you need

  • Vendor communications with the areas hired for (if design then we chat with the florist, rentals, etc.)

  • Guidance with event design and execution

  • Helping manage the rental order and floor plan layout execution