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What sets Southern Bell Weddings and Events apart from everyone else?

This has been my life calling since longer than I can remember. No matter how many weddings I work, I cannot help but to hear about your wedding and your plans. I truly cherish being a part of your big day, and hold it as an honor.

Do you travel?

I LOVE TRAVEL! My extraverted side comes screaming out when I get to meet new people. Put me in a new place to plan your wedding and watch me come alive!

What if I am from out of town?

That is awesome if you don't live where we are planning. That is why you are hiring a professional. You let me know when you will be in town and we will knock out what needs to be planned when you are here. If you can't make lots of trips here, that is also just fine. I love chatting on the phone, text, or emails and getting the job done.

Do you offer just "day of" services?

We do not just offer day of. Because I love getting to know people, and making lasting connections, I like to work with you all just a little longer. What we do offer is our 60 Day Management where we come in (about 60 days out) and coordinate all of your loose ends as well as show up on your big day and make sure it goes smoothly for you so you can enjoy.

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