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Let's Talk About You First

If any of this resonates with you we should do this together!

  • You love love and joy and you want your wedding day to reflect that

  • Your pets are your children and you just can't bare to tell them they were adopted

  • Your friends and family mean the world to you, but sometimes their opinions about your wedding don't

  • Blood type is dark roasted.

  • Growing up your report card said "talks too much in class" or you were voted "most unforgettable"

  • Your wedding Pinterest board may have been made years before you were engaged

  • Has a few shoes and each one has a story, so of course your pair on your wedding day will be fabulous

  • You want your wedding to be unique like you, but still something your parents will love

  • possibly a little bit of a Potter Head, okay, absolutely way into Harry Potter

  • Loves the energy of a big city, but sometimes a quite mountain tows calls you "home"

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Boston Wedding Planner
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Who Am I?

Your purpled hair wedding planner creating weddings for the unique at heart

Southern Bell Weddings and Events is a full-service Wedding Planner soon to be based in Boston, MA and serving both Boston and Asheville, NC.


Hey You Guys! 


I am Catherine. The owner of Southern Bell Weddings and Events. I will admit, I do not look like your average wedding planner, and heck, I probably do not act like her either. I am a little, what people might consider, high energy. My hair is purple, I have a few tattoos, and I can't help but be stoked for your wedding day. I was born and raised in the south, so I am a southern girl, just done a little differently. While I may not look or act like your “typical” wedding planner, that is why I am one.


I have loved weddings longer than I care to admit. We will not get into the one time I bought a fake engagement ring, registered for the Forever Bridal Show, had my whole wedding story planed out with a friend, so I didn't seem like I wasn't a real bride... at 20... NOT engaged. That we will not get into, I will say, I have adored weddings for quite some time. 


I believe that weddings should be fun from start to finish. Planning a wedding can be stressful. Now, let us add in others' opinions of what your wedding "should" be, the choices you have to make, and those who don't want to wear "that color dress," trying to figure out your holiday plans as a married couple with soon to be in-laws, and picking the cake flavors. I don't know about you, but that makes me want to take a nap and maybe drink a pint of champagne. Oh yeah, bubbly is my jam.


This is where I come in and try to make your day as stress-free as possible. Let me help you be an enthusiastic source for your decisions, or heck let me help you narrow down your choices. I'm here to be in it with you while also understanding that weddings are all based on personal preferences. Wherever you are at in your planning, let me help the best way I can. 

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